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At Guardians we appreciate how much your dog means to you and understand that you may have some questions.

Please have a look at some of our frequently asked questions about dog minding, dog stays and dog walking with Guardians.

What is Guardians Dog Minding?

Guardians is a dog minding service with a difference not like dog sitting, dog sitters or dog kennels.
We look after our customer's dogs while they are on holiday by placing them with one of our dog minders in the dog minders own home.

Where is my dog minded?

A Guardian's dog minder will take care of your dog like it was their own dog.

Do you use dog kennels?

We are an alternative to kennels and provide a much better service than dog kennels.
In a dog kennel environment you dog can be subject to disease, parasites and aggressive dogs.

How is dog minding good for my dog?

Dog minding is a great way of having your dog minded while you are on holiday and provides far better care than dog sitting, dog sitters or dog kennels can provide.
A Guardians' dog minder provides one to one dog minding something a dog sitter is unable to provide if they just visit your dog for a brief amount of time each day.

What is dog sitting?

Dog sitting where a person comes and stays in your house are not necessarily great dog minders as they are often do not have the same love for dogs as our dog minders.

What type of dog minding is available?

We provide overnight dog stays, overnight dog minding, long dog stays, pet care, pet sitting and pet minding.
Dog minding is often called dog sitting, dog sitters, dog sitter, dog minder, dog minders, dog kennels, dog kennel, kennel, dog boarding, dog accommodation, minding dogs, dog stays, dog stay, minding, overnight dog stays, overnight dog minding, pet care, pet sitting and pet minding.

Why would I use Guardians dog minding?

If you love your dog and wish them to have the best in dog minding and have them minded by a dog minder who loves dogs and loves being a dog minder than Guardians can offer you a service that the likes of dog sitters, dog sitting and kennel services cannot offer.
Dog minding is essentially a fantastic way of having your dog minded and our dog minders are reference checked to make sure they are a suitable dog minder to mind dogs for Guardians.
At Guardians we pride ourselves on having fantastic dog minders who will mind your dog like your dog was one of their own.