About Guardians

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Why have Guardians mind and/or walk your dog?

Dog minding and dog stay


At Guardians we love dogs and we appreciate how much your dog means to you. We have been looking after Auckland dogs for over ten years and have looked after over 10,000 dogs since we started in 2005!


Our dog minding and dog walking services can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Whatever the duration of your travel or work commitments our professional service will organise your dog a caring "home away from home" or a great dog walker.


Our dog minders/dog walkers are experienced dog lovers who will welcome your dog  and ensure that he/she is happy and content while being minded or walked.


If your dog is being minded by us unlike a boarding kennel, your dog will receive one on one care and attention and will be placed in a home environment.



Benefits of using Guardians dog minding and walking services:



  • Your dog is an individual and our service can be specifically tailored to meet your dogs needs. e.g. exercise, feeding times, sleeping arrangements, medication, walking requirements etc.
  • For dog minding we place your dog in a home environment similar to the environment it is accustomed to. Our minders adhere to your routines to minimise disruption to your dog.
  • We take care to select only the best minders and dog walkers for your dog and at a location near your home for your convenience.
  • Flexible drop-off and pick-up times can be arranged to fit your schedule. Alternatively a pick up and delivery service can be arranged from your home for an additional fee.
  • With dog minding you may request that we place your dog in a home where it is the only dog present. However, if your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, then we can arrange for it to stay with a minder who owns a compatible dog.
  • Once your dog has bonded with a particular minder or dog walker you may wish to request that particular minder/walker for each subsequent visit.
  • For dog minding you supply your dogs food to ensure no stomach upsets from a change in diet. We also suggest you take along your dog's bedding, bowls, leash, brush, toys and treats so your dog is comfortable and reassured by familiar things.
  • Our dog minding service is a much happier option for your dog than using a boarding kennel. Boarding kennels can be quite upsetting for a dog.

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